Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Colour My Universe"

Okay, I have to be honest when it comes to colour It seems I am one to stick to a safe colour palette, usually consisting of your basic blacks, greys with hints of beiges (my favourite), khakis and soft browns, however it seems that colour is back and not just your average hints of colour here and there, but complete solid block colours. I are seeing more than our fair share of bright, eye-catching colour on the runway’s this season. I am going to ease my way into the rainbow, mixing tailored coloured pants with sheer white shirts, or a bold bright jacket with black structured shorts characterized by a black top. I feel that it is important not to over-do colour, but work it into your wardrobe, teaming it with your neutral basics. On the runway, we see Prada using uplifting primary colours in there vibrant orange dresses. I loved Max Mara’s use of full colour block tops and long maxi dresses in colours, like red, yellow and purple. The colour palette consisted of bright orange, fuchsia (accompanied by violet), purple and light breezy yellow.  Jil Sander did blow us away, with basic white t-shirts combined with long ball gown inspired skirts in extreme neon pinks and electrifying yellows, were just some of the brilliant works. Of course there were outfits that were full of different shades of solid colours, however I like how there were also hints of black and white in this collection, in which we feel synthesized the colour palette. All in all, these shows were inspiration for us to adapt brights into our up and coming shoot....Stay tuned.  

Max Mara- S/S 2011 Milan

Prada- S/S 2011

Jil Sander SS 2011 Milan

Colour's I loving paired with basics-

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