Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sidewalk is your Runway

Want to see a fashion show? Well that's not a problem, because there are many occurring on the grey stoned footpath on a street near you
It's always nice to take time out to sit and just relax, and watch as the world keeps moving along... and that is what I enjoy doing; literally. I find it intriguing to park myself with caffeine on tap, and observe the street traffic that passes me by. I am often finding myself getting distracted from the glossy magazine or novel that I am supposed to be transfixed in and examining the finer details of various styles of dress on women and men that are on a mission to get to their next chosen destination. Just the other day my mother ran to the aid of a little old lady who tripped and fell while crossing the road. The beautiful woman was stylishly dressed, in a cream, tweed skirt suit, entwined with a collar of pearls and beige kitten heels; did made an impact on our day. She was just stunning and lucky for her she was blessed with only a small rip in her neutral coloured stockings. A few coffees or so later, mum and I found ourselves imagining the life this gentlewoman has lived (family? career? where was she from? grandchildren? A 'Notebook movie' style love story? etc.) Mystery lies in everybody. Not only is it fascinating to wonder where people are heading or what it is there life involves, its tantalizing to see such a variety of fashion styles; which in turn relates to that particular individual.  Women and men march on in finely structured, pin-striped business attire. A lady is immaculately dressed in cream tailored trousers, a cashmere beige sweater, accompanied by a mulberry Piccadilly oak bag to match her Bayswater low sandals. A bunch of school girls linger in there 'tarted' up school uniforms, that you just know would earn them a detention when they returned to the land of timetables and lockers. Jeans with the crutch sagging to the knees, which leaves you comprehending as to weather or not you should just offer the individual your hard earned cash to buy a pair in their actual size! Sharp-shouldered masculine blazers, feminine pastel coloured floaty dresses, chaotic tussled mains, denim cut offs and black ankle pixie boots are all making an appearance on the sidewalk. Like the majority of things in life, you see your good attire and your bad, however at the end of the day it shows just how diverse individuals are in there manner of exhibiting themselves. Regardless of the fact that not everyone craves fashion like you and I, everyone makes a conscious (well most of the time) decision about what it is that they are going to be wearing to cover their naked flesh. So next time you are seeking the pleasure of sipping on your nice, strong latte; lose yourself in the fashion show that is being played out before your eyes, with the models being your everyday commuters. There will be a lot of pieces that will erupt that thought in your mind of "what the hell was she thinking?" You can also gather inspiration and appreciate the fact that we are all different and same goes with our wardrobes...Just like that famous quote goes, 'Everyday is a fashion show. The world is your runway!'
Above; Behind the scences of a shoot. My Makeup & Hair by Rory Rice
Makeup- MAC cosmetics, The Makeup Store, Maybelline
Clothing- Sportsgirl camel military blazer
Skirt- Evil Twin @ General Pants & Co
Boobtube tank- Supre
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Jeez Mol, I didn't even know that was you Girl!! So different! Love your writing style

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  3. I like your outfit. You´ve got beautiful blog with gorgeous photos ;)
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