Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sportsgirl Style Me Studio

A feeling of excitement always seems to overcome me when I enter the land of those famous blue,green,yellow, white and red stripes. No, I am not talking about a Country, I am referring to the Australian brand, Sportsgirl. The vibrant colours and the excellent visual merchandising make you want to enter the store. Since I was a young girl, I would see the electric sign, hear the loud music and know that Sportsgirl was callling me. I am a regular customer at Sportsgirl, so most of the staff do know me by name and always let me know when there are new and wearable interpretations off the runway hitting the racks. Its not only the clothing that I admire about the fantastic Australian brand, but it is also the opportunities that they give young fashionistas. The Sportsgirl Style Me Studio is a perfect example of the brand giving aspiring and experienced stylists the opportunity to do what they love conbined with the brand that they love. If you haven't entered a 'style me studio' at one of the flagship stores...You have too! Behind the little glass door with the words 'style me studio' printed on them, is basically your dream bedroom..(minus the bed.) Your gorgous jewellary stand awaits you, with hand picked sportsgirl pieces hanging from it. Rows of beautiful shoes and lined up, awaiting your foot to slip inside. A clothing rack full of pieces that are inspired from current runway collections hang before you. And finally the furnishings including a plush couch with a pile of the latest glossy fashion magazines (to excite your inspirtation) make you feel as if you have died and gone to fashion heaven! The best part is that the 'Style me Studio' is free and enables you to be styled in the seasons hottest trends by a Sportsgirl experienced Stylist!...........Oh and another plus, those famous Sportsgirl lollies lay in a bowl inside, just for you! 

Check out these images I took in the Pitt St Flagship store. I love the black & white photo montage of fashion inspiration and muses covering the wall + the fairy lights! (Im such a fairy light fan!)



  1. Pretty nice b&w wall! I am going to check out Sportsgirl brand! Following!


  2. Love your wall!!!
    Great post!

    Totally following:)


  3. love your shoecollection!

    XX I.


  4. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion News on my blog

  5. Hey Mollie,

    I'm a stylist at Sportsgirl's Chadstone Style Me Studio, and I was just wondering if you had a styling session or met with any of the stylists at the Pitt St store.

    I can tell from your photos that you love your SG, and you look absolutely beautiful in it!!

    Jaz x



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