Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Fashion Bonds

To me fashion isn’t about figuring out a way to be sexy, in fact to me fashion isn’t about being ‘sexy’ at all. Sexy, what is that word anyway? Throwing on a skimpy dress and trying to work out the best way to emphasise your breasts and booty, is not stylish; it’s tacky. Fashion is about layering different pieces together to try and channel and perfect your inspirations. Layer oversized shirts over maxi skirts. Add voluminous fur (preferably fake). Wear leather pants under dresses. Feel the wind in your hair with an oversized fedora. Type away on your keyboard with eight fingers covered in rings; shaping an outfit is about envisioning concepts of flaunting statement pieces, not considering the best way to show off your flesh. Fashion is art; art is all about experiments, and so for us it’s all about experimenting with different styles. Putting an outfit together is a work in process. It involves selecting, refining, editing then changing. Many eyes have been rolled in my presence, when I am inventing an outfit, as it often involves allot of (time-consuming) changes, which I am sure most of my fashion companions can relate to. Like a mathematician who is to accomplish a set of number sums, or a chef who puts his heart into creating the ultimate mouth watering dish; we want to perfect our outfits. This indeed is an invisible bond that us fashion idolizers share!

oversized top- Winter Kate by Nicole Richie @
J-Brand pants- @
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Fedora hat-
Three rings- Erin Wasson @

Images above;
Photographer- Daniel Sponiar
Makeup & Hair Stylist- Rory Rice
Model- Me (Mollie Stevens)
Stylist- Rory Rice & Me (Mollie Stevens)


  1. Gorgeous photographs. Thanks for the comment :) I am now following you as well!

  2. Woooooow love your blog!!!! You have great style. Of course I Follow you, thanks for your lovely comment girl,

    See you ;)

  3. love this post..written beautifully..and i love the outfit

  4. love what you wrote about fashion.. it's perfect.
    you are gorgeous too, so happy I stumbled across your blog.
    ♥ ♥

  5. Stunning pics Mollie! I'm now a follower of all about edie.

    Can't wait to see your pics from the mad love shoot, I'm excited about how mine turned out :-)

    ~ Clare x


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