Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'to find yourself, sometimes you have to leave'

So I have currently been M.I.A (my apologies) as of late, as I have been surrounding myself with family, friends and of course my dearly missed little girl (my pet dog) Lani, to celebrate the Easter break. When I first moved to Sydney, a dear friend of mine (who had been living out of home for quite some time) assured me that, "after a while home will be reminder of just how much you have changed.'' At first I thought nothing of this remark, but the longer I have been away; it seems the more aware of it I am. Don't get me wrong, I love going back home, but sometimes it shows that in order to find yourself, you have to leave. Another friend of mine, moved all the way from another country to discover himself! As much as he hates the weather here (as it is not icy enough to wear his beloved fur) and he wishes that guys would stay away from the whole track pants and thongs (flip flops according to his European vocab,) he doesn't regret moving here one bit. Moving from his familiar surroundings, made him shred his more conservative shell and become the person he wanted to be. When you move to the city, it seems to swallow you into its fast paced, over populated streets and let you be whoever you want to be. It makes you stronger, more independent and for fashion lovers like me; more fashion forward. Sure, it's always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and venture back to your roots to bring you back down to some kind of reality; but a craving for the city life creeps back upon you. You find yourself missing sitting at that quirky cafe, scouting the best (and worst) outfits that send your mental shopping list into overdrive. You miss being able to hail a cab at 3am to take your achy heel driven feet home. You miss the familiar little faces at Starbucks taking just one look at you, automatically saying, "1 short double shot Americiano," before you even have time to order. You miss being taken 'fashion hostage' in your favourite clothing store by all the captivating new garments that hang before you. So I find myself trying to write here, perched on the familiar comfy couch, sipping on a cup of tea made just how I like it by my mum, with the floor vibrating beneath me due to Lani's snoring; all is calm and comforting......however all I seem to be thinking about is taking my new Jeffrey Campbells for their first outing back in Sydney at Rosemount Australia Fashion week next week!!
Stay Tuned...

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  1. Great post! Love the quote & pics and I totally understand your citylove :D

    Have a great week!



  2. I love this post and your entire blog everything is so lovely!



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