Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday is Sequin on Sequin

(Wearing Sass and Bide sequined jacket. Sass and bide sequin singlet. Evil Twin sheer skirt. YSL arty opal ring. Samantha Wills ring. Sportsgirl Earrings) 

Unfortunately, my lovely friend Christopher James had to experience one of my 'blonde' moments last night. You see my plan was to stop by a little event before making our way to an important party. My stupidity was in full force, as I had mistakenly misread the invitation and the event I planned for us to swing by, is actually next weekend. A brief encounter with embarrassment and a wasted cab fare later, we made the most of the time we had until our real party began and went back to my apartment to listen to some of the greatest hits from the 90's and 00's. I've been in a real sequin mood lately, (as seen in post below) and thought that I should defiantly work them into an outfit for the amazing party that kicked off our long weekend, last night. I have been spending this week trying to dig up items, hunting high and low throughout vintage stores. Sure, I found a few bits here and there, although nothing that really went boom! I was excited when a gorgeous friend of mine gave me these Sass and Bide pieces. A cropped little black and gold jacket and a black singlet, both boasting...(you guessed it!)...sequins! I spent what seemed to be forever, going back and forth from the cropped jacket to the singlet, undecided as to which one to wear (sorry Chris).....A few hundred changes later, a thought came upon me.... If you can do denim on denim, why can't you do sequin on sequin? So, I styled both of them together and I was pleased with the result.  I teamed this up with my sheer maxi skirt (which never fails me) and Jeffrey Campbell heels and I was ready to go. 
 I hope everyone (who has one) enjoys there much needed long weekend.

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  1. oh we all have funny blonde moments. Love the sequins too. All the vintage finds are slightly too 80s tacky for my liking though... can never go wrong with a bit of sas and bide.


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