Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the voices at the checkout

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Is there a battle being fought out in your head when the checkout is approaching? On one side of your mind you have the 'evil' voice making guilt swarm up on you; "You don't need those shoes! If you buy them you are going to be struggling for the rest of the week. You have more important things to put your money towards!" Then you have your "friendly" voice; "Go for it! You wear heels every single day, therefore if they are $200 and you wear them 20 times, that's only $10 each outing. Bargain!" The 'evil' voice continues to have its say, but it seems the majority of the time, the friendlier one ends up winning the battle. On the odd occasion when the wiser of the two does win, I often find myself walking away from the store empty handed but satisfied that I didn't have to trick myself into the buy. I am a very honest person, but when it comes to over spending on clothes that I don't really need, I tend to tell fibs. I find myself not just distorting the truth to observant family members; (when I lived at home mum was on constant 'purchase watch' and I must admit I did get rather creative with the stories behind my spending); but I also have since realised that I do this to myself. The lies are usually played out by the 'friendly' voice, "Treat yourself!" "You really need it" "It will make your day!" It is rather funny how we tend to have to reassure ourselves that there is a very good purpose behind our unneeded splurges. I don't even want to know just how much money that 'friendly' voice has cost me! I refuse to look at my bank statements, to me they are just the creators of 'guilt' and a feeding ground for the 'evil' voice. I hate the thought of seeing just how much it was that I actually spent on clothing; plus bank statements are old! Who wants to know how much they spent on something that was 'so' last month anyway? So the battle will forever continue, we all know which voice it is that is sensible, however the 'friendly' voice is just so god damn convincing!!

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