Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What goes around, comes back around

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Do you remember looking at 'vintage' photographs of your mother dressed in the hottest 'trend' of the time and sniggling thinking "Mum! What on earth were you thinking? I do. I remember a number of times where I have looked at old photographs and vowed never to be seen in that item of clothing EVER!….but then something changes…..the 'trend' comes back into fashion and suddenly it is 'cool' again. Fashion is forever evolving and changing, but at the same time it is a never-ending circle; everything seems to be reworked somehow. Take a good look at the runways right now and you will see that collections have been inspired by vintage looks. I remember quite clearly using my mothers 80's suit jackets with hefty shoulder pads once as dress ups; then they were reworked by modern designers a few years back and then suddenly everybody went 'gaga' for them again. Take for example these trends of the 'swinging sixties'; the colour orange? (well, the colour of 2011 was declared orange!) Colour blocking? Very Jil Sander…(Every store I walk into these days blind my eyes with there pops of colour) Platform shoes? (Prada made them the most popular shoe of the season) What about fur? Not that long ago when designers were using more fur coats in their runway collections than in recent years, it took me back to a time where I remember staying at Nana's  house and laying in bed, being petrified of the enormous fur coats that hung in her wardrobe. (Don't ask why, but I had a really big fear of them) After this thought, I quickly phoned her to see if I could have them, as of course they were hot on trend! I was stunned to find her response of, "I threw them out!" I could not believe that she had thrown these babies out! I mean the least she could of done was to sell them on ebay! She would of made a fortune!
 Clogs, pleated pants, denim on denim, leopard prints, the fedora hat, lace, braided hair, shift dresses, and Ray Ban wayfarers have all been reworked in the modern day wardrobes over recent years. Note to self (and others);  This is why when clearing out your closet, you must be so, so careful, as what you dispose may be making a comeback sooner than you think……

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