Thursday, November 17, 2011

NYC'S Hotel Chelsea in Sydney for the night

The days this week all seem to be out of whack for me! Wednesday felt like Sunday, today was like Monday and so on. This has most likely occurred due to my attendance to one of the biggest/private parties of the year; which turned my Tuesday night, into what felt like a Saturday! The host of the event, (I won't disclose who) booked out every room, every foyer and every hidden nook of an entire hotel in Sydney and transformed it into Manhattan's infamous Hotel Chelsea. Guests received a sneaky disposable camera on arrival, as well as a paper wallet, which contained American money to use inside. Keeping with the Hotel Chelsea theme, quirky artworks were displayed through out the venue, as well as images of musicians, who coloured the New York Chelsea's history, as many of them resided there. It some what felt as though you were in a scene from Studio 54; with random rooms consisting of mannequins on beds, a bath full of coloured plastic balls, exotic dancer's figures moving behind a highlighted screen, glow in the dark body paint, wigs in all different styles and heaps more! The beautiful weather made the scenic rooftop the popular 'hang out' place for guests, who were treated to personalised hip flasks and staying true to the American theme; endless mini hotdogs and burgers. 

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  1. You are so lucky to have attended this, looks very quirky and cool. Wish I could've been there


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