Monday, January 9, 2012

to the closet

I am sure that many of you can deeply relate to Miss Carrie Bradshaw's famous quote, 'I like my money where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.' With New Years resolutions all fresh and on target, I really should be starting to save my pennies and change the 'closet' phrase to bank statement! However, it seems that this over-used, already tried (and failed) resolution seems to fly away when walking into a store, as quick as the shop assistant can ask, 'cheque, savings or credit?" Whilst recently on a mission to conquer another New Years goal, to move out with some friends, I was inspecting a new apartment. Forget the fabulous city views and the spacious kitchen; my automatic reaction was to do a 'closet check' and to envision how my growing collection would look in there. I am not sure about you, but I believe that your wardrobe is such a personal space and is where I spend a lot of my time at home, even though we do share a love/hate relationship. Some days, I am at war, sifting through the coat hangers, not being able to find a single thing to wear (sounds ridiculous!) Though, the majority of the time it does bring me great pleasure. So, here is a little sneak peek into my closet/wardrobe. Sorry, but no, you will not have a 'fashion-gasm' like you did when Mr Big introduced Carrie to hers....hopefully one day!


  1. I love this post! seeing into someones personal space says a lot about the person on a fashion level "AMAZING"


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