Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interview for alltheprettythings

Below is a sneak peek of an Interview that I completed for the site; alltheprettythings. To see it in full, click here.

You lead a busy life between travelling, modeling and blogging, so what motivates you?

I am living my dream, so I am 100 percent motivated. I do have days where I am like "what am I doing? I'm getting older etc…." But I think when you have a dream and you are a determined person, you just push yourself and do everything you can to succeed.

What or who do you find inspiring?
I think that everybody has something in them that you can find inspiring. My Mum is such a hard-worker, so caring and would do anything for anybody. She has always been my inspiration. 
Also, there are my friends. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such talented individuals. They all inspire me in their own way. 
Then of course there are the style icons and muses; Edie Sedgewick (of course), Kate Moss, the Olsen Twins, Patti Smith, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Andy Warhol etc. 
Anna Dello Russo is amazing also and I was lucky enough to meet her in New York and she is so inspiring.

What would we find in your handbag? 
Hmm…my phone (but that is usually attached to the palm of my hand, I am always on it.
My Marc Jacobs wallet, which was a purchase in New York. 
MAC lipstick (myth and creme sheen)
My diary which is vital for my events and meetings and I also love to fill it will little inspirational quotes and magazine cutouts. 
Headphones, a number of scrunched up receipts (I really need to clean them out!) 
My apartment keys.

Can you leave us with some 'words of wisdom'?
You'll never get anywhere just sitting on the couch, agonising and wanting things to happen.
You need to get out there, whether it be pack up your things and move like I did. You just need to go out there and get it and live it.


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