Thursday, March 29, 2012

General Pants- Denim Defines You

Above, is General Pants' new campaign, 'Denim Defines You.' A few weeks ago, I ventured to Sydney's 'Propped up' studio, to shoot the campaign video, which highlights some of the stores best denim brands. After hair and makeup was complete, I slipped into a pair of high waisted red Ksubi's and began the energetic shoot. Despite not being the most flexible person, the shoot was rather physical, with lots of spinning, climbing, rocking and jumping. At one stage, I was hoisted on top of some camouflaged white cubes, which to me felt very unstable, so I was pleading with one of the assistants to hold on for his dear life, because had I of fallen, it would of been splat! As the cooler Weather is now near, it is a perfect time to face your denim shopping fears and head to your closest General Pants store and invest in some fresh jeans. 

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