Friday, July 6, 2012

Phoenix Keating - Seven Hundred Photos

photo taken by jerome laff

photo taken by Mohammad Norouzi
photo taken by Mookie Et Al
photo taken by Bryn Price
photo taken by Nicola Johnson
photo by Edward Shen

Seven Hundred Photos by Jesse Willesee, is an event which features seven artists and fashion designers, who transform seven hotel rooms upstairs at Sydney's Darlo Bar. Media right through to anybody who has a camera on their phone can then come and snap away in the seven hotel rooms, which become live fashion shoots. My dear friend and extraordinary fashion designer, Phoenix Keating asked me to model in his installation. Even though my body was struck by the awful flu that is taking over many at the moment, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to showcase his amazing designs. His collection, which is titled DE-SEX, was inspired by the Dutch housewives of the 1700's meets modern day fetish. He took latex and rope and mixed them with natural fibres, such as silk and cotton. Although, my eyes took a beating due to the flashes from over 200 photographers, the night was a success for Phoenix, as well as the other artists who were involved. 

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