Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WE HEART ART- nana judy

Above; The Finished denim
Above; The Denim before getting our hands onto it

On Friday night, TheBackroomSydney presented the WE HEART ART event to celebrate Nana Judy being featured at this years fashion festival and their Heart denim range. Sam and I were asked to customise our own pair of Nana Judy jeans, in order for them to be displayed and sold in their Chapel Street Melbourne store. Cocktails were named after some of Nana Judy’s denim, including 'heartbreak high', 'youth gone wild' and 'the mean jean'. I was more than happy to be involved in this creative project, not only because I HEART Nana Judy, but also because it was for such a great cause, as all proceeds from the denim sale go to a charity of our choice, mine being Beyond Blue. Sam and I had quite an experience whilst customising our denim, as bleach, pins, iron on fabric and paint were involved. We learnt the hard way that Sam’s Gucci shoes and bleach do not mix! You can guess what happened, however the spots of white on his favourite beige loafers was worth it, due to the fabulous charity that the sales are going too. 

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