Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Samantha Wills Design Studio

Today, I got to attend the Samantha Will’s head quarters, to have an exclusive first look at a very exciting concept. I always get excited when visiting her space; not only because I get to catch up with the lovely SW girls, but also because its just always immaculately presented. There are aways fresh flowers spread around the room, beautifully lit candles and quirky collages, that Samantha draws her inspiration from. It’s just so homely and inviting. Samantha has come up with an amazing element to her website, which will be launching in 2 weeks time and that is The Design Studio. This allows customers to be there own designer; choosing from antique gold and silver rings, earrings and pendents. They then will be able to select a coloured stone from the colour bar and to create there own piece. I was lucky enough today to custom make my own SW jewels, and actually glue the stones in myself. This new feature is fantastic. Very personal and unique.

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  1. Hi, I found your link through the SW Facebook page. I love Samantha Wills jewellery and your pictures look great, thanks for sharing. It looked like heaps of fun!

    Melanie xx


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