Tuesday, March 19, 2013

blue on blue changes

oversized tee from Princess Polly, Sportsgirl Pajama style pants, Topshop heeled boots

It’s just a common occurrence that after being sick and out of action from the world for a period of time, that you are going to feel rather horrendous and in need of some sort of change. In my circumstance that very faint transition was to my hair. I was severely over my balayage, as the hint of blonde was making my hair dry and unmanageable. I am already hopeless when it comes to looking after and styling my hair. I guess you could call me ‘hair-uneducated'. I am so gadget savvy in every aspect except for when it comes to any curling or straightening device. I am lucky enough to live with an editorial hair stylist and he either laughs or looks at me in disgust at how 'unco' I am trying to achieve ‘Victoria Secret curls’ with the GHD. On Monday he, Jesse Boag helped with my little hair transformation, by taking me back to my natural coloured roots, dark brown and giving my locks a much needed cut. My hair and I instantly felt better. It just goes to show, how such a small modification and a little pampering can change your overrall outlook and mood pronto.
photos Taygan Bassi


  1. You look amazing Mollie!
    Your blog is truly great, I love your style, it's so genuine and true to yourself. Your work is inspiring, and as a design student and developing fashion photographer I find your work to be a constant reminder that all this hard work is worth it, and that I can do what I want so long as I believe I can. I look forward to more posts and seeing what projects you have installed this year!

  2. Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy, and I am most definitely jealous of your awesome print pants x


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