Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sportsgirl Loves House Of Holland

London’s ‘it’ designer, Henry Holland is in town to promote his bright and brilliant capsule collection for Australia’s biggest (plus my favourite) clothing store; Sportsgirl. I must admit I was extremely excited when I heard this news, as Henry Holland, founder of House of Holland has always been an inspiration of mine and last night I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him. Holland’s media event, showcasing his SG collection was held at the Hazy Rose in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, which quite reminded me of quirky little bars in London. This partnership with Sportsgirl was heavily inspired by old ladies and patchwork quilts. This may sound a little odd, however when speaking with Henry he elaborated on the subject, saying that ‘old ladies enquire all things from different decades and mix them together to create their own look’. Well known for his signature letter tees, that kick started his career boasting slogans like “I’ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss”; his designs are all about individuality.
The 9 piece capsule collection for SG features a peplum skirt, Jeans, catchphrase tees reading “Sew Into you” and “Sew what”, a long sleeved jersey dress, a pull over and a silk shirt, that I am wearing above. It’s all based around a print story, which centres around a burnt red base colour. It’s bold, fun and modern; perfect for the Sportsgirl shopper. I love the fact that the word ‘Sew’ reflects on the whole quilting aspect, as you have to ‘sew’ it all together. The bright pops of colour, playful prints and amusing lettering, make it easy to work into your wardrobe and injects a whole lot of fun. Along with models dressed in HOH for SG garments, the DJ was mixing old RnB tunes, waitresses worked the room with gourmet finger foods, Polaroid cameras were positioned on tables for guests to enjoy and ciders plus gin & tonics kept on flowing. All of these elements created a laid back and trendy atmosphere; reflexing on Henry’s down to earth and charismatic personality.
Shop the collection now;
photos by Taygan Bassi

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