Sunday, February 27, 2011

'The Lady has made it'

Sitting down with my candles burning, a cup of tea in one hand and the March issue of Vogue America in the other, I cannot wait to read the featured cover article on the queen of the 'little monsters' herself, Lady Gaga. Being on the cover of American Vogue is one of the biggest fashion prizes, as you have got the approval of the world’s most well known and powerful fashion editors, Anna Wintour. The standout photographs of Gaga were captured by none other than the amazing photographer himself, Mario Testino (of course). In the more 'reserved' cover (for Lady Gaga that is) in which I think is absolutely beautiful, she wears a nude, one-shouldered Kimono by Haider Acckermann. Throughout the shoot, her makeup and hair consists of a pink bobbed wig, very fair eyebrows and rich deep purple lipstick, her look is rather subdued, compared to how we normally see her. Styled by Tonne Goodman, she wears beautiful pieces by Haider Acckermann, Hussein Chalayan, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. My favourite quote from the Interview written and lead by Jonathan Van Meter is when she says;
“Sometimes, being onstage is like having sex with my fans. They’re the only people on the planet who in an instant can make me just lose it.”
Not only has she taken over the music industry, but she too has had an impact on the fashion world, with her unique style and creativity always leading her wardrobe....and you know you have made it in the fashion world when Anna Wintour is a fan!

(Check it out below I have scanned images for you)


  1. She's unique, original, has presence and does not care at about what people think of her. I like.

  2. I agree with everything you said in this post... the last sentence is great :)

  3. hey :) nice to meet you! i am fond of her outfit selection, always impresses! x

  4. I love the last sentence!... I had a little laugh to myself when I read it....its just so her! If any other celebrity said this we would be shocked... but not our Gaga! Love her.
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