Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Man with the Scissors

It took 3 years to film the documentary/film that has hit New York, about the revolution that 83 year old Vidal Sassoon had on the hairdressing world, as well as the fashion world. Interviews with family members, previous staff, reporters and Vidal Sassoon himself give viewers insight into the inspirational life the hairdressing genius lead. Famous Welsh fashion designer, Mary Quant was a regular client of Sassoon's, as she simply claimed that 'he cut hair like she cut cloth.' Sassoon, who claimed the hairdressing world was 'boring', transformed the industry by creating geometric, short, angular hairstyles that reinvented to common 'bob'. In Grace Coddington's early modelling days, she too took to Sassoon’s chair, to have her hair reinvented into a 'trans-angular bob', that all the other models lusted over and wanted that exact same style in which was named the 'five-point cut.' He also made headlines for cutting Mia Farrows long locks in a room full of Paparazzi, creating the look that is iconic to the sixties, the 'pixie cut.'  His brands motto still to this day is...."if you don't look good, we don't look good!"..............So true, I like it!
 above- Mary Quant

 above- Mia Farrow's 'Pixie cut'

above- Grace Coddington with the famous 'five point' hair cut

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