Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cleo- 50 most eligable bachelors 2011

Yes girls, you may be a tad envious, as today I was lucky enough to meet and greet some of Cleo magazines 2011 bachelors, who are flaunting their best assets to win your votes for the iconic award. Among the mix of eligible bachelors is Anthony "Harries" Carroll (Bondi Rescue), Dan Murray (owner of Sly Underwear), Eamon Sullivan (Olympic swimmer), Home and away actor Dan Ewing and Amy Meredith guitarist Cameron Lang.  The competition which celebrates its 25th year next year had become an iconic part of Australia's magazine history. This year it has been brought to our attention that it’s all about the real guys! It’s not your typical cluster of familiar famous faces; instead a mix of down to earth guys that appeal to everyday readers. Cleo's editor Gemma Crisp says that she is "extremely happy with the top 50 finalists this year." She declares that there are a "good mix" of different personalities and professions (including a town planner and a chiropractor). "It is important for the bachelors to be approachable and for readers to understand they are men that they could actually be dating.’ Gemma also had a surprise in stall, when she announced there was a 51st nominated bachelor. Out came a large oversized Barbie box with a male model inside representing Barbie’s iconic toy boy Ken. I’m sure Barbie would be green with envy at the thought of Australian women lusting over ‘her’ famous flame. Menswear designer for SABA; bachelor Luke Scott, better known for his part in Australian reality show 'Freshwater Blue,' thinks that Aussie women are over the whole 'bad boy image!' He also hits the target when he states that us girls deserve someone who will 'treat us well and who will always listen'. I couldn't agree more. Anyway ladies seeming as though I am taken, I’ll leave these delicious bachelors for you....So which one gets your vote?
Cleo editor Gemma Crisp
The 51st nominated bachelor, Ken
Bachelor Luke Scott; MTV Freshwater Blue & SABA designer
Justice Crew member Emmanuel Rodriguez
Amy Meredith Guitarist Cameron Laing

Image 1; My lovely friend Carly and I making the most of our bachelor meeting opportunity.
I wear; Evil Twin sheer skirt @ General Pants
Sportsgirl top dress in mocha
Blazer Sportsgirl
Tony Bianco wedges
YSL arty opal ring in Lapis
House of Harlow ring/bangle @ miijo.com

Carly wears- Lucette blazer
Cue body suit
Cue Skirt
Tony Bianco wedges

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  1. I LOVE your outfit!! So cute. Im jealous haha



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