Monday, March 21, 2011

My Mind; A Volcano of Fashion thoughts

Do you have endless thoughts of outfits cascading through your mind? Are you continually putting mental images of clothing together and storing them in that 'want list' in your head? ...Well you are not alone, because I stand here and declare that I am with you! Constantly am I rearranging, changing and planning outfits through my imagination. It's like there is a fashion puzzle up there that I am forever putting together. My friend Tristan and I can be transfixed in a deep conversation about something totally unrelated to fashion, then in a quick camera flash instant, one of us interrupts, "oh but wouldn't those boots look perfect with my beige leggings?" or "That camel toned shirt and navy coloured blazer would work well with my Leather pants. Don't you think?" Even though these comments are like pairing spots with stripes in relation to our current conversation topic, we just automatically 'get' what one another are saying. Sometimes, when we actually notice that we have gone off subject, we have a laugh and appreciate the fact that we both think alike in regards to infinite styling prospects. From surrounding myself with inspiration, I find there is a never-ending volcano of inspirational thoughts rupturing within me. Although this is great on a creative note, this can be very bad for the bank account! However, that just seems to be the way my intellect works and I do not know any different.  Just like holding a pin to a magnet, no matter what I seem to be doing, my mind has an alarming attraction to fashion!
Does this relate to you? Share your thoughts with me.

Image source- Weheartit, Oraclefox, knightcat, fashiontoast


  1. i'm loving big brows lately, that girl knows how to work it!

  2. looove the brows, it's a big trend right now!
    kinda weird i think, personally, but somehow it has something too :)

    XX i.

  3. great inspiration!! thanks for sharing, i love abbie

  4. amazing inspiration!!!! You have such a cute blog! I am following you now!

    please check my blog and follow back:)



  5. I can totally relate.Sometimes I can't go to sleep because I keep thinking of possible outfits:)Great selection of pictures btw.I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know :)


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