Thursday, March 10, 2011

"My Wardrobe awakes"

I don’t know about you, but my mind is just like a washing machine, thoughts of clothes constantly are whirling around in my head. I couldn't tell you just how many hours of my day would be made up of thoughts of fashion, inspiration and clothing.
Just the other night my boyfriend was trying to call and I simply sent him back a message reading; "Can't talk. In Dress up mode."  There I stood in my apartment having déjà with my 8 year old self!....12 years later and I wasn’t struggling to stand in mum's high heels that were 10 sizes too big for me, nor did I have her lipstick everywhere except for on my actual lips, pouting at myself in the mirror praying for the day that I would be able to have a wardrobe full of ‘grownup’ clothes just like hers. I was actually playing dress-ups with my own clothes! You see, I felt as though my wardrobe was in a coma, like I had nothing at all to wear! (We all know how down this feeling can actually make you feel!) But this was impossible, as my racks were filled with different pieces (some that I have never worn before) and my floor was filled with different styles of shoes! So I simply decided to mix and match pieces together to see what I could style together, to awaken my wardrobe from its sleep. There I stood, pulling on leather pants (then taking them off, then putting them back on again), throwing on coats, my fur collar, palazzo pants, tights, suede shorts etc, etc. and pairing bits and pieces together to illuminate different outfits in my mind, to make myself realize that I DO have things to wear.
So next time you are having wardrobe anxiety I suggest you travel back in time to your younger days, where you dreamed of the day that you would be old enough to own your very own pair of high heels and play dress-ups. If you feel a little crazy playing alone, do it with a girlfriend...but make sure you have a camera and a bottle of wine on hand!
Heres some Inspiration for you all;

Source images- Vogueitalia. Rack and Ruin. I Just Die For, weloveit, Bazaar


  1. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion News on my blog

  2. that's exactly what i need to do!
    my wardrobe has been playing hide and seek for way too long.
    loving all of the inspirational shots - especially the second one with the cutesy fur hood. x.

  3. I know right? Seriously do this! It helps heaps. I hate the feeling you get when you feel as though you have nothing to wear.
    Yes and I agree about the second shot! So cute.
    Thanks for following

  4. love all these look!!great pics!
    Could you come and follow me lady?i'd be very happy if you do so:)i'll do the same

  5. Hey, I loved your post! Following you :)
    I wish I could play dress up with my closet but I don't have nothing nice to wear LOL

    xoxo ;*

  6. Omg, I love this post. So sweet and totally relatable. I dress up by myself all the time, and now that you mentioned it , wine would probably really enhance the experience. haha. Love the photos, especially the high waisted peach shorts with the mustard shirt and tights. She looks amazing. Love your blog!


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