Monday, March 14, 2011

Starbucks and Me

Mmm... the smell of those fresh roasted beans and that bitter, sharp taste that pleases me every time. Just about everyone loves there caffeine hit and here is where I get mine...Starbucks. Whether it be grabbing a coffee on my way to work or sipping on a coffee on my day off whilst loosing myself in an amazing novel or glossy fashion magazine, religiously, every day I go to the big green and white logo and get my energy boost. I was left open mouthed when my friend told me that she had never tasted the free trade coffee that all the celebs can't get enough of. Here are some images of me, taking her on her first "Starbucks Adventure."

Jumper- Ladder back knit from Sportsgirl
Maxi Skirt- Stripe Maxi Skirt from Sportsgirl
Ring- YSL Opal arty ring in Lapis
Fur Collar- Vintage market find!
Book- My life in dresses by Kelly Hurst
Metallic Finger nail stickers- Sportsgirl


  1. Absolutely following you Xxx

    Perfect maxi... and that gold on your nails is stickers??? Amazing, I've been searching for this colour for months now (with no luck), wondering how all the stars have it!


  2. thankyou lovely!
    get the nail stickers from Sportsgirl!
    you heat them with a hair dryer and they mold to your nails haha sounds weird!



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