Thursday, March 24, 2011

'The seed was planted....'

Up on stage at the school talent quest, dressed in a voluminous (hideously ugly) purple leopard print coat, swinging around a purple feather boa, reaching her silk glove covered hands into her purse, throwing about fake dollar notes, while nervously trying to remember her dance ensemble to Madonna's 'Material Girl.'.....Yep, that girl was me!
The artists we admire and the looks they convey can contribute to the way in which we present ourselves. Take for example those platform sneakers, that union jack dress, the leopard print body suit and the Adidas addiction, the Spice Girl’s image took over our lives just as much as their music did. They had a HUGE Influence on the way we dressed and viewed fashion, which in turn lead to my dangerous love affair.
 My love for styling was partly formed from music clips and concerts. I was lucky enough to have my older cousin (T) who had/still has a compulsive love for everything music related. (Yes, he is the proud owner of the 'rare' Madonna sex book.) I believe that his fixation with music lead to my admiration for fashion. Our creativity would awaken from watching RAGE, video hits and endless Kylie and Madonna concerts.... (The girlie show did get a good run!) where I would get mesmerized by their style and captivating costumes. We spent most of our childhood days with his bulky video camera in hand, perfecting our favourite artists style and image as best we could. We would take enjoyment in sourcing and planning particular looks and outfits with the wardrobes we had access too. Remember Geri Halliwells 'Its raining men' video? (If you have seen it you will be on the same page.) The image she portrays is rather athletic, so there I am dressed in sports shorts, a tank top, a bomber jacket and sneakers trying to perfect over rehearsed dance moves to the camera. Also to recapture the famous line, 'Go get yourself wet girl. You know you want too...' I dunked my hair in a sink full of water so that I was drenched! (Cringe!) Also remember Christina, Pink, Mya and Lil Kim’s take on Lady Marmalade? Well that too sparked inner fashion excitement. My cousin Alice and I took charge of the wardrobe planning (of course!) and performed the song at our school concert. Handmade sequinned red boobtube? Check. Leather skirt? Check. Knee-high boots? Check. Shorts, top hat, fire engine red lipstick, heavy kohl, crimped hair? Check. Check. Check....We were all set! Judging by the teachers astonished expressions (plus the early ring of the ‘times up’ bell), it may have been a tad too ‘out there’ for Primary school. But hey, we loved scouting the looks!
Like planting a seed into the earth, to later work its magic and transfrom into large standing tree, with bold expanding branches; something from those music filled days grew into the strong passion and devotion that I have for fashion today.
Share with me your similar experiences

Inspiration source; weheart it, knightcat, google

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  1. Love the old spice girl photos brings back memories! And I just watched virgin suicides so it's funny to see the photo of kirsten dunst and josh hartnett dancing!


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