Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Friday- The Together Tote

Does the supermarket green bag not collaborate well with your outfit? Well not to worry any longer, because Thursday Friday designers are helping supporting the enviornment in a stylish manner. They have formed the 'Together Bag', which features the amazing Birkin bag (all take a moment to worship the name) print on the front, back, bottom and sides. With a comfortable handle to drape over your shoulder, the bag is fully lined and has a pocket to hold all your 'can't live withouts', ie. phone, lipstick, keys, written list of fashion wants, etc, etc. The must have convient bag, will be available on
I can not wait until my groceries or books are in one! However, I am still deciding which colour I want.
Which do you choose?

 Have you decided?

Image; thanks google


  1. Funny looking bag!

  2. very cool bag! i love the creativity they've put into a simple tote!
    style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

  3. Very cute bags, i'm in love!
    I was speaking to Bianca today and she told be about your blog.
    You can add me to your list of followers! Looking forward to watching it grow.

  4. Love these bags. All the colors are so great, I think I'd choose the red though. Which color did you end up purchasing?


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