Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mad Love Label- Behind the scenes of the making of the Lookbook

Get excited, because Australian designer Gill Lawrence, who is also the designer for the brand Toi et Moi (Stocked in General Pants) is launching her new label, 'Mad Love'. The label is all about art, as each piece has been developed while travelling the world. Gill Lawrence has worked along side graphic designer Belinda carielli on a number of projects; and they have teamed up again, as Belinda is the contributing artist for Gill's new label 'Mad Love.'This first Summer Collection was created while in Mexico; which is why we ventured to the 'famous' Burrito Company in Bondi to shoot their first look book. Indeed the Mexican fiesta theme surrounded us; with Mexican flags draped from the walls, accompanied by skulls, dream catchers, bold colour coated walls, bottles of tequila,  quirky artwork and of course the smell of the restaurant's famous burritos that lingered in the air. I had the pleasure of being invited to this shoot, to give you guys a sneak peek of the 'Aztec America meets Pop Art' style clothing. Oversized tee's and singlets, maxi skirts, playsuits, dresses and cute shorts, are just some pieces that are featured in the collection, which boasts colour and contrasting graphic patterns. Sit back and relax and take a glimpse into what is to come in the fun and edgy world of 'Mad Love........'Where love is mad like me'.
Above; Between us girls we just about had every colour of the arty opal ring by YSL
Above; Jewellery by damselfly
Above; Stephanie from Wonderland PR's beautiful fur vest which I fell in love with!
Above; Emily's amazing rings
Above; Nicole from Garry Pepper Vintage's beautiful rings
Above; Aubrey's brown ASOS hat- Aubreys blog is

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Photographer - Bec Lorrimer -
Videographer - Cybele Malinowski -
Makeup - Tara Airlie 
Styling - Mercy Watson & Mad Love team
Model - Avril Alexander (Viviens)

Makeup- MAC products (comment for details of particular products)

Hair was prepped with MUK. Thermal Protector.
I then put in a full head TheO Rollers by Cloud Nine.
For Texture Juice Pure Sea Salt Spray
For Shine Osis + Sparkler
For Root Volume Osis + 'Dust It'


  1. Awesome, very sassy and bold images!! Loving the Arty ring overload too - *drool*!

    Following you - stop back soon :-)


  2. Ohhh I was invited to go along to that day too but couldn't get up to Sydney, I wish I had been able to go if only to have a chance to meet you girls! (And Cybele, who has actually been a hero of mine for about 5 or 6 years now and I had no idea she was working on the shoot too!)

    Looks like it was amazing fun and you got some great photos! xx

  3. okay, i want to go out and by a stack of pretty jewellery after looking at all of those incredible rings.
    looks like a lot of fun! avril is such a babe. x.

  4. must of been an amazing day!
    i am very jelous :) x


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