Monday, April 11, 2011

'Style Me Sportsgirl'

All pieces above from Sportsgirl except for Jeffrey Campbell shoes

On Friday I had the delight of attending the Sportsgirl Flagship's store's Style Me Studio; where qualified stylist Monica, gave me a run down of all the new looks and pieces that are coming into store. Mon raided the Sportsgirl floor and put together an over flowing clothes rack; just for me. So, for an hour Mon and I played dress up's with the new season arrivals and also (to add to the excitement) the new Vintage unique pieces, which I had first dibs on. Above I am wearing a patched fur trench jacket that she sourced from the 'Recycle it' section. There is unique detailing with the contrast between the fur and some sort of heavy duty cotton, making this vintage trench an even better find. With the thick grey tights and the cosy mustard scarf (a hint of colour but not too much), makes it a perfect outfit for the up and coming shivery days. Since my last visit, I was surprised to find the studio had been revamped from sophisticated 1960 inspired decor, to a Mexican fiesta theme. Colourful flags are suspending from the roof; different artworks of the Virgin Mary are positioned on the deep wine coloured wallpaper; the smell of incense (a pleasant kind) drifts threw the air and skulls are present in all forms. The studio is said to be getting redecorated every few months, in order to keep it fresh and exciting for the regulars who love the ‘celeb style‘ treatment. Think Gold Class (without the fee), because that is what you are going to get here. Why would you bother going to the change rooms when you can get spoon feed the best product in store in the VIP style me studio?

Above; Me looking threw the overloaded rack that Monica sourced for me


  1. Great pictures! Lovely outfit!!

  2. How awesome is the style me studio! I work at the Chadstone store in Melbourne!
    Love your blog!

  3. I love reading your blog. You've inspired me over the past few weeks since I found it, especially with wearing more rings, I'm hooked!
    D x

  4. The rings are amazing! Love them :)

  5. I'm following you, but for some reason I have to follow privately under 'alice md' -- Strange!



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