Tuesday, April 12, 2011

jackets speak louder than words

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when i caught myself, i had to stop myself.
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BANGLES AND CHAINS: FASHION WEEK: BANGLES & CHAINS PROWLING BACKSTAGEBANGLES AND CHAINS: FASHION WEEK: BANGLES & CHAINS PROWLING BACKSTAGEFashion-makes-the-world-go-roundTumblr_ljgsabsq031qzusjbo1_500_largeMary Kate Olsen, long hairTumblr_lhvl38rtoc1qdecbgo1_500_large

Maybe I'm just crazy, but you know the feeling when you casually stroll into one of your 'much loved' fashion stores, when suddenly everything around you becomes a blur; as your eyes have become transfixed on that garment that is gleaming on the hanger before you. All of a sudden you become the 'clothes whisperer' and you hear it plead 'Buy me. Buy me.' .....Okay, so maybe not literally...but I do believe that our 'jackets' speak louder than our words. Take for example; tousled hair, a loose fitting jumper and harem pants; screams to me "I am in such a CBF'ed mood!' Just like Fluorescent pink hair, accompanied by a silver spiked leather jacket and heavy kohl covered eyes (a whole pot full); cries "I want you to notice me." It's true, clothing can be used as some sort of armour to guard our inner emotions, but they also hold the power to express them. I recently had the delight to meet an incredible New York based stylist, Natalie Mark (who styles Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl); who told me that Style and presentation is everything; and she's right! You can always tell who has put thought into what they are going to wear, as opposed to someone who has just thrown on the closest item that smells clean (Okay so we have all had one of those days!). My little camera inside my head is always seeming to capture and store that particular person who dresses well and inspires me. It's like the 'popular' girl in high school, who everyone wanted to be. Her outfits would always scream;  "I am mega cool. You should want to be my friend!" Superficial it may be, but it's how it goes. Clothing is the focal point for first impressions (first date= full week prep of clothing that speaks; I'm hot but not easyand they do reveal allot about ones self and style. Just like the astonishing lady who brought us the little black dress said; "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; Dress Impeccably and they remember the Woman"- Coco Chanel

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  1. Amazing pictures! Love My girl - makes me so nostalgic for my childhood. I may have to do a my girl inspired poast soon




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