Monday, April 18, 2011

'rash or fash decision

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Decisions, much as I am so bad at making them, they are indeed a part of our everyday lives. Whether we like it or not, everything we are faced with; provokes a choice to be made; big or small. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am the 'worst' decision maker; even at something simple like choosing a movie to watch. It will take me several agonizing minutes before I come to a conclusion (often needing somebody Else's input to finalize it. Mum always told me to learn to make them on my own...but mum its hard!) Then there is that never-ending one that I am faced with every single morning-  'what am I going to wear today?' It is indeed effected my many factors; ie. the weather, what my day involves, who I'll be seeing etc.etc. It often takes many pondering thoughts and glances in the mirror; (which is sometimes hard when I am also trying to see past the sleep in my eyes) to make the selection. A good friend of mine, makes it a ritual every single night to plan his outfit and craftily set it out before him, all ready to go for the following day. As much as I tell myself I am going to try this genius scenario, I am still yet to go through with it. 
Think about a big decision, like jeans shopping (a dreaded experience for most); a lot of questions arise, pros and cons. Will this decision effect our relationship? (Will these Indigo-blue skinnies harm my bank account?) Does this decision really need to be made? (Do I really need these new boot-cuts?) What will happen once it is made? (Will they stay isolated in my wardrobe or become my second skin?) Have I really thought this out properly? (Do I have something like it at home?)
There comes a time (heaven forbid) where the decision's we are faced with are much bigger than choosing whether to wear that fur vest or the sheer shirt to work. Sadly, personal decisions are always so much harder than our fashion ones.
If only our life decisions were as easy as a credit card, where the decisions could be made on the spot, with little thought to the reality or the consequences that are ahead... as those come later. 


  1. Would like to help you but I am also teribble decision maker..

  2. Decision making is an art that must be practised. Ouch, That rod through the finger!!!

  3. beautiful images. Good luck with your decision making xx



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