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Nominated CLEO bachelor of the year- Luke Scott

This morning 2011 nominated Cleo bachelor, reality TV star and fashion designer, Luke Scott and I enjoyed an early morning coffee at a cute second hand bookstore in Paddington. Luke is set to find out next week if he is taking home the iconic Australian award, the 'CLEO bachelor of the year'.  Not only did we chat about the much anticipated announcement of the prize and the TV reality show, in which he is featured in, Freshwater Blue; the majority of our conversation was about his talented career in fashion design .Luke is not just a pretty face; he has so much creativity flowing through his veins, as he has been designing menswear for 6 years now. His actress mum, Helen Scott (A Country practice), had a big influence on his creative talent, after sending him to a Rudolf Steiner primary school (which is all about creativity and sports.) He then went on to a normal high school and he feels this gave him a great balance. He has been designing the men's apparel for SABA for quite some time now, but is moving on to use his great eye for detail and mens fashion design at MARC'S. He loves the fact that his career is taking him so many places and of course the continuous travel that comes along with it. (A big bonus!) A highlight of his travels, (which I must say
I am extremely jealous of) was being in the meatpacking district of New York at the Standard Hotel, when Gossip Girl was being filmed. He claimed that it was just 'crazy.' "There were about 15 enormous trailers all lined up, (one for each star) and before the scene is filmed, they have stand ins to get the camera angles right. The Stars then walk into the shot accompanied by lots of security guards. I was just sitting on a couch and I looked up and Edward Westwick (Chuck Bass) was sitting near me. Then I looked along and there was Blake Lively (Serena), Taylor Momson (Jenny) and Leighton Meester (Blair)!"
Luke is just a down to earth, northern beaches boy, who holds great talent and an fine eye for men's fashion.
If you haven't already, vote for Luke Scott to win CLEO's 2011 Bachelor of the Year; as I feel that a laid back, 'real' guy, who is doing all he can to chase his dreams in life deserves to win. One motto he lives by is; 'Life's too short to do something you don't want to do, or be something you don't want to be." and I couldn't agree more!
(See below for my full interview with Luke)
Luke wore a Basque Tee and Ksubi Pants

How long have you been a fashion designer for?
"I landed my first job at Sportscraft around August 2005, so about 6 years."
How did you get into designing?
"I actually went to FBI Fashion college and did the business course. From there I undertook work placement at Sportscraft and they offered me a job after a few months or so into my work placement. At first I didn't know weather to except the job or not, as I still wanted to continue studying, however they let me work 4 days a week there, so I could still study."
Where do you source Inspiration?
"Its hard to say, because men's apparel is always changing and there is always different things. I am inspired by James Dean who is classic and clean and then I like juxtaposing that with the more edgy and modern style of say.. Johnny Depp. It can be hard as guys don't really like to experiment, however the Aussie
guy is getting more into it. Its like the situation where a bunch of mates rock up to a party and one of them rocks up wearing something different (for example the skinny jeans when they first came in)
then a month later, all the guys are wearing them. (Laughs) I try to think from that angle too."
Would you be interested in designing for womenswear?
"No, I don't have a strong passion for womenswear. I think its because I am the demographic that I am designing for; I mean I can actually wear the clothing, which makes it
more inspiring to design for."
What are the up and coming trends in Menswear?
"It's becoming a lot more dressy. Its all about unvarnished tailoring- like jeans put together with shirts and nice jackets. There is a big move away from tees."
Is Australia always where you want to be based?
"I mean I love Australia for the lifestyle. I am from the Northern Beaches and I love it there, but I would love to go to New York. When you are there it is just the best vibe; it just pumps you up. There is so much happening in such a small area. I love it."
Career-wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
"I would love to combine the TV side with the fashion. I hope fashion TV really picks up in Australia. I would love to do fashion TV presenting."
Describe your style?
"I'm a jeans and a tee type of guy. I don't try to hard. I love Winter as you can chuck on a nice jacket."
Biggest fashion disaster?
"Those bin-tang singlets from Thailand, you see groups of guys wearing after holidaying there and I hate them. Also Bright suits and of course crocs!!!!!"
Best fabric to work with?
"At Saba there was a suit made with wool and a silk blend, which adds a nice, light shine finish."
Highlight of career so far?
"The continuous travel that I get to do."
Do you have any desire to start your own label, or will you just continue designing for companies?
"I have thought about it and it always changes. I feel that I am in a great place at the moment, because starting your own label is something that you have to invest all your time into. Like every single minute and that would be really hard for me at the moment as I am
so busy with other projects."
Do you feel that menswear is looking forward or looking back and recreating?
"It is a combination of both really. There is the modern slim silhouettes that are in, along with the simplistic modernism. Graphics have definitely died out. Younger guys these days are really leading the way these days."
If you had to choose another career, what would it of been?
"Definitely Television. My mum is an actress (Helen Scott from A Country Practice) So I grew up around all that."
Other than design where else do you use your creativity?
(Pause) "That's hard. I think it just really influences my life's everyday things."
Fashion Muse?
"James Dean definitely. Also, Jake gyllenhaal; who either has good style or a good stylist (laughs)"
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
"Hanging out at the beach and exercising"
Favourite designer?
"The brand J.Lindeberg who only does menswear and I like ACNE."
How did freshwater blue come about?
"My best friend is the main girl in the show. The show started out with her and a group of guys going on schoolies. I went out with them on New Years Eve and the producers asked me to be on it."
Have you watched the series, if so whats it like to see yourself on TV?
"Yeah, we all have watched it. It's a bit surreal watching myself. Its weird picking up the mannerisms; like the words you repeat over and over."
Who is the most inspiring person you have met?
"To be honest, it would have to be another of the CLEO guys, Emmanuel from Justice Crew! We got a cab together to Today FM and every word that came out of his mouth was so motivating. I felt so pumped after talking with him! (laughs)"
Speaking of CLEO, what do you look for in an ideal partner?
"Someone who looks after themselves; like someone who wants to keep fit, but for themselves not for others. It's best not to be too picky and it can happen when you aren't even looking for it too."
Who do you feel is your biggest threat in the competition?
"Eamon O'Sullivan and Dan Ewing"
Have you voted for yourself?
"(Laughs) Yeah I have voted!"
How did you get nominated to be a CLEO bachelor?
"MTV nominated me. My PR rep called me and asked if I wanted to be in the competition and I said 'yeah why not!'"
You have recently finished designing for SABA. What is next?
"I am actually starting designing for MARC'S. It will be good getting in there, being a new set of eyes and giving another direction. It's a real design-lead business which is great! Some companies have buyers who have more say than designers, but MARC'S is more design lead. MARC'S is all about the whole urbanised tailoring. It has a strong blended element between casual and urban and the
use European fabrics which is something that I am passionate about."
What is the latest collaboration with SABA and RUSSH magazine?
"Basically the RUSSH editors get to select styles for men's and women's clothing and accessories from SABA. These pieces with each have there own swing tag saying 'Russhh loves.' You can also now buy the magazine from SABA stores."
The best things you have ever been told?
"'Lifes too short to do something you don't want to do or be something you don't want to be.
'Never stay in your comfort zone for too long' and 'be careful who's advice it is that you take.'"

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