Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camilla made with love xx

Today, I got to meet up with the beautiful Camilla Franks, also known as the 'kaftan queen', whose latest collection was heavily influenced by mother nature and music. Walking into her Bondi beach flagship store, 'The Beach House', which Camilla claims to be her "baby,"  is like entering her own creative universe, which is filled with psychedelic prints, colours, artistic designs and bohemian/shabby chic interiors. Sipping on Tempus Two Chardonnay,(the packaging is exclusively designed by Camilla herself), she spoke of her new autumn/winter collection, that ventures in a new direction for her. The 130 piece collection, titled 'Woodstock' features free-flowing tanks, maxi-dresses, cardigans, harem pants and of course kaftan's, in more earthy tones. The charismatic artist/designer laughs, "There are two different sides to me; there's the O.T.T psychedelic Camilla,"(as seen in her famous colourful collection 'Babylon.') "Then there is the hippy, relaxed, gypsy Camilla," (which is portrayed in her new collection 'Woodstock'). Her signature graphic prints are of course incorporated into her new collection. She spends a lot of her time in India, where she designs each print from scratch, which makes her pieces so unique. I was amazed to learn that the jewellery you see printed on garments above, is actually Camilla's own personal jewellery, which has been copied and digitally printed. Cashmere, leather, suede, silk crape and precious crystals make the Woodstock collection forever luxurious. The thing that I love about Camilla, is that she is all about celebrating women; no matter what their shape or size. It's incredible to see that anyone can wear her designs, as there are so many different ways to wear them, (check out her style guide here) and that they are so trans-seasonal. Camilla is more than just a fashion designer; she is a true artist, with astonishing talent and this is what I find so inspiring. 

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