Sunday, May 29, 2011

Farewell Rory

(I wore; Americian Appareal skirt, Vintage lace singlet, Samantha Wills ring, GP ring, Sportsgirl wrist armour, Necklace found @ a little asian store & Jeffrey Campbell Skate shoes)

So my partner in crime Rory departs Australia on Friday, to chase his dream in the one and only New York City. Sure, it will be great having somewhere to stay over in NYC; however I am going to miss seeing and hearing that British accent everyday. We had his surprise farewell Friday night @thebackroom in Kings Cross, a night full of vodka and hip-hop music ("you can do it put your back in to it..") As much of a great time it was that I was having, I couldn't help but feel that sickly feeling inside, as his departing is becoming a reality. For months, I have known that he is going, but it has never actually felt real. Now, with only 6 days left together, it's starting to hit me that he is actually leaving. Rory didn't know he was having a farewell, as it was a 'surprise,' but if you know Rory, he would literally kill us, if he turned up in an unplanned outfit, so we had to tell him we were having a 'small' night out, so that he could look his finest. I was having outfit complications before hand to a great degree! I had no idea what on earth to wear (yep, I was having one of 'those' moments; unfortunate for all who is in my presence.) One thing that was certain, is that I was to wear my new Jeffrey Campbell Skates (for Rory) which are ammmmazzzingggg!! I know that they may not look it; but they are so comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in, as they are just a wedge. Rory has become such a big part of my life and (if you haven't noticed) such a big asset to my Blog! I am going to miss him like crazy...... and so is my hair! 

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  1. Great photos & omg those shoes are to die for!

    Alicia Mi Mundo


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