Monday, May 30, 2011

Sneek Peek- Behind the Scenes

(Note these are only behind the scenes shots, not the real thing)
"Today would of made perfect reality TV," Rory joked, as he, Photographer Christopher James and I, lay sprawled out like exhausted lumps on my shaggy rug last Wednesday evening. When I think about Rory's little statement, the more I think that he has a point, because here are just some of the bizarre circumstances that took place on our shoot that day;
- Standing in front of a court house building in designer Jamie Lee's latex (mind you it was Sydney's coldest day so far, so you could imagine how frozen I was!)
-Rory trying to get the Jamie Lee's latex pieces on me (this is a whole other story! Lets just say he has seen everything now!)
-Hand-made hair extension shoulder pads? Check. 
-All of us almost fainting for a shot in the sauna
- At 3pm we wanted a few more clothing options, so I frantically rang the lovely Candice @ Mother & Father PR to lend out more
-Rory racing to collect the pieces, than having to return them by 5pm
-Photographer Christopher James almost drinking off milk, whoopsie!
-Rory laying across the elevator door, so that we could get a shot inside
-Christopher James having a slight head spin from standing on my balcony, due to the height
-Being carried around in Latex
 -Trying hard to keep my balance and not topple off, as I lay on a tower of crates
-Security chasing us through the building, as they were wondering what in the world it was we were doing
- Trying to walk in Rory's hand-made feather shoes without ruining the feathers
-Recapping our day over a nice bite of Japanese
Overall, the day may have been exhausting, but we got some great shots. Originally we had planned to venture to a back alley or a construction site around the CBD, however with the 'gail force' winds and icy chill in full force, we made use of my apartment building, which I feel worked for the best anyway. I have included some 'sneak peek' shots, I will be sure to post the final editorial spread, along with all the pieces that were featured, when completed. 


  1. love this shooting..great!

    Patchwork à Porter

  2. LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I can't wait to see the end result.

  3. This looks so much fun! I love alll the amazing shoes!! Can't wait to see the final shots X


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