Sunday, May 1, 2011

RAFW starts tomorrow


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So, preparations would be well and truly underway for RAFW (Rosemount Australia Fashion Week) which kicks off officially tomorrow. Tonight has been a last minute rush of outfit prepping for the amazing shows that I am lucky enough to attend this week. I will be up bright and early tomorrow morning for my first show of the week- Zimmerman. Sorry guys, but I must keep this short and sweet, as I do need my beauty sleep; in order for the big week of Fashion that is ahead of me. Stress less if you are not attending the events, as I will be hot on trail of all the shows, parties and style icons of this very fashionable week right here; (just for you, in order for you to feel as though you are too amongst it.)
Sleep well my little fashionettes.


  1. gahh, so jealous right now!
    your updates are going to be wonderful, so i can't wait to live vicariously through your RAFW experiences. ahah.
    i can only imagine what the zimmermann show will be like. major swoon!
    have the most incredible time lovely! x.

  2. wohhoo ill be down there tomorrow super excited


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