Monday, May 23, 2011

Rummaging around

After a casting today, I spent the day rummaging through vintage stores around Crown Street,  in order to find some pieces for a project on Wednesday. The images above were taken in a used bookstore/cafe' in Paddington. After hours of hunting through vintage stores, we were in desperate need of a caffeine fix, to give our tired bodies that extra boost. I am a big reader, so while Rory enjoyed his chocolate brownie and latte, I enjoyed sifting through the millions of titles they have stacked around the place. At the moment I am re-reading Jeffrey Eugenides 'the Virgin Suicides.' The film is definitely a favourite of mine, but I still can't decide whether I like the movie or the book better? The next book I would like to dedicate my time too would be, 'Before I go to Sleep' by S.J Watson, which was introduced to me by my Mum. I forgot that I even had this amazing gold, crochet top which I am wearing. I found this at a vintage store around Newtown a few months ago and it was incredibly cheap. It's true; it always pays to rummage around.


  1. amazing is this cute little cafe, ampersand! love it, got some pics in here too!

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