Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Add to Wishlist?'

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Fashion shopping cravings must be embedded in me, as I feel the effects constantly. (I’m sure that this must be a genetic ‘illness’ passed down from my mother.) Though the question does arise; How do you satisfy your ever-growing shopping needs, when sadly you do not have the finances to fulfill all of them? I have found there is actually a solution to my sometimes harmful addiction. When I am less than impressed with my current bank balance and have a yearning for something fresh and new, I often find myself resorting to the ever so convenient, but very, very dangerous world of Internet shopping! Who else can stand here with me and declare that they have fallen a victim of cyber purchasing?  It’s sort of like a step back in time to when you used to seize enjoyment in playing supermarkets with fake money and fake products; online shopping can too feel as though you are playing around with ‘mock’ money, making it somehow easier to contemplate a purchase. Nightly, between blogging and searching through pieces to fill up my book of inspiration, I often have my browser open on fashion sites, quenching my thirst for new clothing and shoes! If something stands out, I simply hit ‘add to cart’! Amazing new shoes in my size; 'Add to Cart.' I can’t believe how cheap that jacket is; 'Add to Cart.' That skirt will look perfect with that top; 'Add to Cart.' This routine goes on and on, until I actually can not be bothered searching any longer and click to view my cart’s total. I don’t know why, but after hours of critically searching and expanding my tote, I end up getting to the checkout and simply click exit! This could be due to a few reasons; 1. There is the shock factor of the total amount in which my cart has come too. Way past my budget (so easy to do online) 2. I can’t decide what I want and what I don’t want, in order to downsize the total (this would take a whole other hour in itself!) then finally 3. I actually feel satisfied from my online (fake) shopping! This is the ideal way to gain satisfaction, without having to harm your credit card at all. Within any type of shopping, the fun is all in the lead up to the big spend. It's all about the deliberation; the thoughts of how this piece will fit into your own wardrobe and forming an outfit together in your mind. No shopper can ever say that the enjoyment lies when the money actually is deducted from your bank balance, right? Therefore, when you next have the itch to have a hit of shopping, but are strapped for cash to do so, you can strike up Shopbop or soul struck and play around with the pieces to full fill your shopping urges, and yes, if you feel as though you really, really do need that little something, there is always that button; ‘add to wishlist’.......


  1. I'm online shopping right now, trying to downsize my 'cart'! And yes i think i should just add it all to my wishlist and wait until the morning :)

  2. Thats what I always do, either exit, or say I will come back to it! The choices are just too hard! ....xx

  3. I do the EXACT same thing!! But gosh I love online shopping :-D

    ~ Clare x


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