Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the days are muddled about


i just love her

(weheartit, lionsandtigersbitches, fuckitsbeautiful)

This week's days are all out of tact in my mind. I keep having to remind myself that it is Wednesday. I guess that's what happens after a long weekend, all the days seem to be muddled about. At the present, I am sitting on my couch watching reruns of Sex and the City (currently watching the 'Country' episode, where Big and Ayden are involved in a mud brawl.) Today, I had a shoot for a new Swimwear label (will post some pictures soon), then walked around the city and got snapped for the Sunday Telegraph with Christopher James. My focus is on Carrie, as well as scanning the sites for inspirational outfits, as a dear friend of mine is wanting to design me a few pieces. I am having allot of fun searching for pieces that I would not be able to find around the stores. Tonight, we are tackling the wild Sydney weather to venture to the launch of Tangent magazine's issue 7#- 'Uncensored Glamour.' 

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