Monday, June 20, 2011

Mysterious Ways

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I would sympathise with somebody if they were with me this evening, as I must look like an absolute zombie! I am in such a delirious state of mind, which I think it is to do with the fact that I have hardly slept (early wake up call for a shoot this morning) and I am still fighting this stupid cold (thanks once again Christopher!). It's funny how your mood can drop when you are so 'over-exhausted.' Tonight, I found the inspirational images that I was drawn too, were rather of a dark and mystical nature. Full of dusky colours, crystals, magical aspects and quotes from the very deep (but my favourite) movie, 'Factory Girl'. I love a bit of mystery. Who doesn't? Life would be so boring without it. A beautiful friend of mine, who is an inspiring designer, took me fabric shopping today, in order for her to make me some exciting pieces. We sat down for a coffee before hand, so she could reveal to me her sketches of the garments that she has made it her mission to create. In the fabric stores, we were like Samantha from Sex and City in a room full of oiled up body builders! We were in our element! Ally warned me that entering a material store with her would be dangerous (entering one with any designer would be!) My eyes instantly lit up when inside the land of different matters; colours and textures were jumping from everywhere. I was oblivious to the fact that the million different types of materials in store provided a challenge. Deciding which to actually purchase was the hardest task, apart from the fact that I underestimated the cost of fabrics ($$$$),  just deciding on a colour was hard for me, then there were the other underlying factors. Softness? elasticity? texture? firmness? bend-ability?....all these things I had not exactly given any thought too. Lucky for me, Allie knew exactly what to source, so I just stuck to what I do best...providing the inspiration for the garments. 

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