Sunday, July 3, 2011

What would Cher do?

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Butterfly clips? scrunchies? Doc Martins? Belly button rings? Mid-drift tops? Spaghetti straps? MC Hammer pants? Band tees? ...How do you remember the 90's decade? While at home last week my cousin Alice spoke of her craving to attend a 90's fashion revival party. The motive behind her nineties party hysteria; is so their is an excuse for us to go as Cher and Dionne from one of the best movies from that era; Clueless. Beside the fact that Alice is the perfect candidate for Cher, as she too drove on the wrong side of the road (that explains why she still doesn't have her license), Alice would be Cher and I would be Dionne, due to our hair colouring! Yes, Clueless was one of my childhood favourites; with some of the best quotes to recite ("You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet"); however, I think what makes it so memorable is of course the fashion. Who can forget the patterned mini-skirts, the knee-high socks and platform Mary Jane shoes? The film really captured the look of the preppy mid 90's. I just wanted Cher's wardrobe; literally! Way too tech savvy for the time; the scene where Cher is out-fit picking via her computer, which is programmed to her electronic closet, was/is still my favourite from the entire movie! This famous wardrobe was at the very top of my Christmas wish-list (...until Carrie stole the limelight; Thanks to Big!) Alice's constant talk of Clueless and the 90's has got me thinking; What is it that make these years in fashion so damn cool? Maybe, it was because it was actually an anti-fashion era? It was when the whole 'fashion cloning' came to a halt and people broke out and formed their own set of rules. Dressing down was defiantly a key trend. The wide shoulders and frills from the 80's were out and minimalism was in. It was defiantly the time where the approach to clothing was 'anything goes'. Visions of our 90's party are buzzing around my head. Guests would be dressed in anything from plaids to overalls, whilst they danced the Macarena, dreamt of boy bands, played with Tamagochis and (creepy) Furbys, and sucked on 'Girl Power' lollipops, warheads and push pops!! (Maybe, we could even have some Goosebumps and 90210 reruns on VHS?) So, when tackling a 90s dress up party just ask yourself; what would Claire, Wynona, Joey, Drew, Sabrina or Cher wear?...If you have so many options that you can't possibly decide; thats alright too, settle it with the good old; "Dip, Dip..."

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