Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colours & Cupcakes @ Door121

1. Gorman's Summer collection 2. Gorman wooden heels 3. Steele's collection 4. Trois 5. Paisley prints in the Steele collection 6. Loving the lime green on this Vikoria & Woods blazer and skirt 7. Gascoigne & King scented candles and Balance water 8. Trois collection 9. Cupcakes were on hand from Sparkle cupcakery 10. Lost Revolution Jewellery. I want. I want. I want 11.Gorman Cosi 12.Miriam Black's McQueen inspired knuckle duster clutch 13.Gorman Printed cosi 14.Sparkle cupcakes

This morning I had a 'mini' shoot with photographer Christopher James, followed by a press showing at Door 121. Summer may not have been in the air outside but it sure was inside, as I stepped through the doors of the showroom, with the beautiful scent of Gascoigne & King candles burning and bright colours blazing. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful fabrics, prints and striking hues! Brights, such as Teele green, lime, fuscha and grape instantly caught my eye particularly in Gorman's range, as well as soft and dreamy pastel prints in the STEELE collection. Thanks to Gorman's collection I have already found one of my Summer Cosi's, plus a pair of wooden and suede grape coloured heels.This showing sure has me saying....Bring on Summer!!

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  1. Ah so jealous, looks like such a great time... love those rings!


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