Sunday, September 4, 2011

New York, New York

Well, its hard to believe but its 1 more sleep until I will be heading off to the city that never sleeps! Well, its actually 2 sleeps, as I leave on Tuesday morning, however Christopher and I have made a pact to not shut our eyes tomorrow night, so that we can do that on the 15 hour flight to LA, then on the 6 to NY. I must admit, I am a tad nervous as this will be my first time overseas! Yep, that's right, I have never been outside Australia! I have asked my good friend Zoe to come over tomorrow and help me pack, as I have no idea how to pack for overseas travel and I am pretty hopeless at packing in general (I always take way too much!) Everyone has told me, to go with an almost empty suitcase, so that I can fill it up over there. My word I will be filling it up, but it does make me anxious not being able to take my 'whole' wardrobe with me. Google is currently my best friend, as I have spent the majority of my limited spare time, googling the best hot spots around Manhattan to visit, including the addresses of where Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick once were. Yes, I am venturing over there for New York Fashion Week, but that doesn't mean I can't do my sightseeing and of course shopping too! 
(images above source; weheartit, 69thstreet, killerqueen, fuckitsbeautiful, prettydressesinthelaundrey,countyourblessings)


  1. you are so lucky! i've always wanted to go to NY...and lovely pics btw i really like the one with the blond girl and the braid. :)

  2. Ah have the most amazing time! I am definitely so jealous & New York is such an amazing place to be your first destination out side of Australia! No doubt you will come back with an even more amazing wardrobe! x

  3. i'm very sorry if this sounds mean but you need to 'stop' putting 'these' ' ' around every third word, because the context that you use them in makes absolutely no sense and it's very distracting when i am reading an otherwise well-written and interesting piece of writing.

  4. Hey Moll, Have a ball!! Bon Voyage, X


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