Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big lights will inspire you

Image 1; Our view from our apartment Image 2; Big yellow cabs Image 3;Standing on the sidewalk in a POLdesign maxi! How good is the colour? Image 4; The Empire State building behind our street sign Image 5; Times Square

Its currently 2am here in New York and Christopher and I are snuggled up in our apartment watching the latest series of The Rachel Zoe Project. Well, the 16 hour flight to LA killed us; we were super bored and going a bit delirious from our sleeping tablets, but all is good now because we are here and the city has blown us away already. After stepping out of our yellow cab and onto the concrete sidewalk, we quickly checked into our hotel and were off to explore Times Square. I just can not explain the feeling and atmosphere here, it is completely electrifying, the lights are magnetic, the people are friendly and there is nothing you can do without getting some sort of 'dejavu' from a movie or a TV show you have seen. Christopher was eager to experience to taste the American version of McDonald's, as the big golden arches are on almost every block, as too a Starbucks (perfect for me!) So, we are staying on Seventh Avenue, which is also named Fashion Avenue.....Ironic right? 
Photographs by Christopher James


  1. hear it for Newyork...newyork..newyorkk oooohhh... :)


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