Thursday, September 8, 2011

the city that never sleeps

1; New York Post 2. Our first Subway experience 3. Hotel Chelsea 4. A Marc Jacobs imprint on the sidewalk & my Jeffrey Cambell shoes thanks to 5. Christopher infront of the lens for once 6. Patriotic flags 7. Standing in a little market ally we found 8. The beautiful Flatiron building 9. The naked cowboy in Times Square 10. The Saxophonist by the Subway 11. Again, The Iconic Hotel Chelsea
Day two in the Big Apple and it seriously is the City that never sleeps! Everybody is always about. It is 3am here now and we just nicked outside and people are still out eating dinner and exploring. Today, was all about venturing through the Iconic streets of Manhattan and still coming to terms with the fact that we are in a whole other country. The sidewalks are always buzzing; with hot dog stands on every corner, the soulful rhythm of the saxophonist standing by the Subway, to the friendly natives pointing the confused, map-reading tourists in the right direction. 9 hours were spent strolling around Soho, experiencing the famous American shopping; including our first introduction to stores such as; TopShop, H&M, Forever21, Victoria Secret, Bloomingdale's etc. After a jam-packed day, we caught up with another Australian friend of ours who is here; Emily for a cute little Japanese Dinner. By far the highlight of mine and Christopher's day, was falling upon the Infamous Hotel Chelsea. The reason it was so important for us to see this brown brick building, was of course because Edie Sedgewick once called it home. (It was the apartment she accidentally set fire too) Standing out the front, we pictured her strutting around 23rd street and pushing through the lobby doors, in her Chandelier earrings and over-sized fur, with a smoke in her hand. Its hard to describe the feeling standing there, it was rather haunting but beautiful. 
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