Thursday, September 8, 2011


Shakuhachi; Marble Culottes, Linen Block Party, Swing Blazer, Chiffon Crop in black. Samantha Wills Chandelier earrings. Gee Wa Wa 'Fatales' shoes from
I was very excited to take my first steps out into the big city in the daylight, and there wasn't a better way to do it, than stepping out onto the sidewalk in my new Gee Wa Wa shoes, which were at my hotel when I arrived from the amazing site; solestruck. As you read below, my day was full on, and I walked a whole 9 hours in these babies and they didn't hurt one bit. The weather has been wet and rainy, but still rather humid, so I wore this perfect outfit by Shakuhachi. I am loving the marble colouring in there new collection, so I thought why not match the marble culottes with the linen, swing blazer. I was amazed by how many compliments I received on my outfit today from New Yorkers. All sorts of admiration was given to these Shakuhachi pieces; from passers by on the street, to a retail worker at Bloomingdale's writing down there website for herself and her friends. I still can not believe I am in an apartment in New York city. It's so surreal....
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