Sunday, May 15, 2011


(Above; me on my vintage adventure today. Wearing Sportsgirl fringe jacket)

Tonight, I find myself in a total 'fashion multi-tasking' situation. I am currently sharing my attention with the following things; 
1. My two lovely friends who are looking through Fashion editorials.
 2. I am browsing through images that I find inspirational for an up and coming shoot I have this Sunday
 3. Confessions of a shopaholic, that is currently playing on my DVD player. I'm being distracted by the quirky shopping lines that I can sadly relate too
... and finally 4. Online shopping sites (very, very dangerous for me.) 
This weekend, I had a rendezvous with Vintage. I know that some people get 'freaked' out by the whole, 'You don't know where the clothing has once been', but to be honest, I find it fascinating. It's always interesting to cast your thoughts to the home, your piece once lived. Was your piece once owned by a poor fashion junkie? An elegant old woman who parted ways for diamonds and pearls? or were they owned by someone who didn't care for fashion at all?
It's the perfect opportunity to hunt through cast away treasures and find that 'one off' piece that nobody walking towards you on the street is going to be wearing. So shifting through Crown St, Fringe Bar and Bondi Markets, I found the following treasures; 
1. Two beautiful soft fur coats 
2.A hot on trend mustard, pleated maxi skirt 
3. A metallic thin, gold belt 
4.A mid-driff, 70's style, brown striped tee. 
Finally 5. A black lace mixed crochet cropped singlet. 
Just from these vintage finds, I have a lot of inspiration for future outfits. 
It is rather ironic that I have been talking about my weekend vintage shopping experiences and I am currently (partly) watching the movie; Confessions of a shopaholic. This movie is rather dangerous, as it is drawing my attention to my unhealthy shopping habit. To be honest, I think that everyone has a 'shopping obsessed demon' that lives inside of them...well all of the people that I know that is? Just as Rebecca Bloomwood just said 'When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then its not and I need to do it again…"


Images from weheartit


  1. Loved those pictures from the movie I love shopping :)))


  2. LOVE the Sportsgirl fringe jacket. Don't think it's in stock anymore...anywhere i could find it?? :)

  3. yeah it is in stock. it came back in....have you checked there website lovely?

  4. oh that's great then. i can't find it on the website, might have to ring up
    thanks :)


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