Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MTV Winter Shoot

Two weeks ago, I did a quirky, little TV ad for MTV. I made my way to a beautiful residence in Paddington; where the shoot took place. Basically, the ad features myself and a 'running man'; who is dressed head to toe in an awesome, multi-colored, knitted one piece; with pom poms attached! Yep, pretty weird, but ultra cool! So while my running man partner was nice and warm in his full on knit, I had to face the chill in an invisible body suit; as part of it was shot in the shower. I rocked up to the shoot with no makeup on; as you do, expecting to have a make-up artist, however because it was a shower scene, no make-up artist was needed. I was a little uncomfortable with a bare face; but here's how it goes...

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